Valve Management

By using CVS Manager™ to monitor the performance of valves over periods of time, or by comparing service requirements against CVS' extensive knowledge database, the team can more accurately predict when valves, or component failures are likely to occur.

Making use of this knowledge allows CVS to create a planned maintenance schedule which will all but eliminate failures leading to costly unplanned shutdowns.

CVS' internal processes and procedures are all designed to meet the stringent offshore requirements, and CVS apply the same standards when working onshore which CVS believes sets it apart from its competitors.

CVS Manager™

CVS Manager™ is a bespoke in-house asset management system, which has been developed to allow CVS to manage its internal workflow, customer asset data and its comprehensive valve management offering.

The system is web-based, allowing clients who choose to do so to access information regarding progress on individual jobs, shutdowns, and overhaul projects; as well as accessing historical information on valve performance and planned maintenance schedules.

Typically clients can track orders, retrieve test data, specifications and other drawings or important data.

Although the system is intuitive and simple to use, all clients receive full training in its use to make sure that they can gain full advantage from this unique and flexible software tool.

viMs (Powered by CVS Manager)

viMs is a fully functional digital valve inventory with client stock data which can be viewed remotely 24 hours a day, seven days a week vims is a piece of software unique to cvs that is under continuous development. it is a powerful resource for decreasing the likelihood of unplanned shutdowns and lost productivity. therefore, resulting in a more efficient running of processes. viMs allows for creation and management of valve registers, spotting and analysing failure trends as well as supporting controlled documents and specifications. CVS’s control valve engineers are dedicated to full life valve management, which is where viMs gives clients the utmost confidence in future valve reliability and performance.

PSV Manager (Powered by CVS Manager)

PSV Manager allows clients to access Live PSV Registers & installed asset population remotely and 24 hours a day, seven days a week. PSV Manager tracks the history and reliability of relief and vacuum valves with planned maintenance schedules. Clients can access and report on all related documentation, P&IDs, historical inspection reports, and certification required for completing risk-based inspection programmes (RBI). System allows for recording of manufacturer spares & bill of materials items to allow for easy campaign planning & rationalisation of stock holding.

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