Our Partners

As an independent supplier, CVS has access to a broad range of valves including some that may be considered to be obsolete. CVS is proud to be partnered with the following companies:


Fisher for Control Valves recognised around the world as market leaders for a comprehensive range of valves and associated equipment.

ASCO Numatics

ASCO Numatics provide valve sizing, selection and engineering support in the specialist field of valve piloting solutions and specifically solenoid valve technologies on repaired and new valves.

Emerson Process Management

Emerson for Actuators to deliver and promote various ranges of scotch yoke, rack and pinion, piston, both pneumatic and hydraulic actuation.


Emerson for Controls covering the Emerson' ASCO range for both solenoid valves and air preparation. CVS is also an official ADC (additional distribution channel) for Emerson' TopWorx range of switchboxes and partial stroke devices.

CVS is committed to minimum stock levels so it can continually improve its standard of technical service and improve delivery times.

Paladon Systems

Paladon Systems designs and manufactures pneumatic and hydraulic scotch-yoke and piston linear valve actuators and bespoke control systems. Founded in 1981 as a Valve Automation Centre primarily to support North Sea projects, today Paladon Systems designs and supplies valve automation systems on a global basis, with a particular focus on providing rugged and cost-effective solutions for the most critical applications. Widely recognised as an technology leader with valve positioning and self-contained electro-hydraulic valve automation systems, Paladon Systems’ advanced designs dramatically reduce end user operating costs when compared to traditional valve automation technologies, as well as providing the most environmentally responsible solutions available in the market today. Find out more about this innovative company www.paladonsystems.com

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