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Pictured: Carl Enston, Technical Manager and Ray Anderson, Senior Valve Engineer setting up an ESDV Control Panel within the new Valve Testing Facility at CVS' Portlethen Workshop

CVS Manager takes efficiency to new levels

Control Valve Solutions' (CVS) Technical and Production Teams have recently made breakthroughs in the lead time for both the repair and supply of control, isolation and ESDVs through significant improvements in its bespoke software CVS Manager™.

Whilst the development of CVS Manager™ is ongoing the Technical Team wanted to really drive efficiency as clients demand faster response times. The challenge for the Technical Team has been to ensure that efficiency levels were improved across a broader range of valves that the Production Team now repair or supply. This ever expanding range includes control and isolation valves including Emergency Shutdown Valve (ESDV) packages.

The current lead times for all types of valves including ESDV packages have been reduced dramatically in response to clients needs particularly an increasingly challenging environment to maintain 24/7 production. With the reduction in lead times which is set to continue, CVS' Sales Team are more than confident about giving clients the best possible service.

The reduction in lead times is the result of a range of improvements including the introduction of a more robust quotation system and changing the parameters within stockholding, supplier call-offs as well as work flow processes in line with CVS' accreditation to ISO9001, ISO14001 and OSHAS18001.

However, CVS' handling of ESDVs is already relatively quick with packages turned around within 3 to 4 days and the production team pride itself in the reputation it now has with some of the major platform operators in the North Sea.

CVS' new Workshop Supervisor, Ross Wilson, has over 10 years hands-on production experience to ensure that efficiency levels are raised even further. Ross said: "The main reason for joining CVS was my belief that with the company's investment in its people and the facilities, it is on course to be the leading valve specialist in Aberdeen."

As for future service developments in line with CVS' commitment to improving efficiency a new Valve Testing facility is nearly complete. With an investment of just under £250,000 this new facility is considered to be amongst the best in Europe.

Mac Stevenson, CVS' Sales Manager said "The major platform operators who have visited our Workshop and facilities have commented that CVS is ahead of the competition when it comes to all the facilities and particularly the new Valve Testing area."

The new Valve Testing Facility will be extensively used as part of the general production process but also gives CVS' clients who have commissioned a Valve Management contract the opportunity to witness remote valve testing. This not only saves time by speeding up the whole process of re-commissioning but a faster turnaround of valves especially ESDVs means that platform operators absolutely minimise platform shutdowns.

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